pasalubong from cebu

for the earlier part of the year, daddy k was busy with work which brought him to several cities throughout the country. he was always trying to bring me and miss k but sadly, i have full time work too so we simply can’t (bawi na lang next year!).
so what’s the next best thing? pasalubong!!! and oh, daddy k brought us a lot!
from this cebu trip, he got us lots of shamrock otap, rosquillos, dried fruits, and this.


zubuchon lechon!!! both regular and boneless varieties. yum-o!


he even brought me the placemat from the resto, since he ate there several times (inggit!!!).


thanks, daddy k for being ever so thoughtful! we loved the CNT and rico’s lechon from the other times, too haha! we love you! 🙂