after a year-long blogging hiatus, rocoi is (so) back!

we hope you had a great 2014! Frogkissw1a

Merry Christmas 2014.1

our family had a good one, and will write about our year’s highlights soon. woo!!!

thanks for checking in on my blog even though i have been MIA for loooooong time. i kinda got busy (excuses, excuses!), but i am back and that’s more important, right??

first up: kirstenbakes! yes!



launched in july 2013, i started accepting cake, cupcake and cake pops orders from strangers (turned friends!). yep, into the baking world i leapt! and until now i couldn’t believe how much i had to bake last year heehee with ads in olx and facebook, i had constant inquiries and even had to turn some down as i am a working girl and can’t survive on less than 5 hours of sleep! yes, i’ve had (a lot of) work-bake-bake-bake-bake-shower-work days!! but i’m not complaining, as a home baker i bake with l-o-v-e. and quality over quantity (i use real butter, real vanilla extract, real eggs, all the good stuff!). heart-2

i will be posting some of my works soon. for those who might be curious, i will start accepting baking orders from 12 jan as i am currently yaya-less. shy

again, welcome back to me! laughbounce