back again

So I’m back (from out of space? no, not really haha!)!

OK, so yes I am back! And I hope for good!

My last post was written in January 2015, and a lot has happened in between! Hopefully I will be able to write as much as I can from hereon (crossing fingers).

For now, let me share with you a photo of my current life – My 3Ks.  heart-2heart-2heart-2

Kenzi Prebaptism Session by KMP-0127

I’ve never been busier since I became a mom to 2 kids! Minsan toxic, minsan nakakaloka, but everything I do for them is always worth it! I’ve never more been in love! yes!

Aside from my family, I am also busy with work. I’m in the office 8-5. I love my work too, and I think it loves me back wink wink!

I like to write and share my experiences, hence this nth attempt to blog. I also would like to document milestones through writing. I also like getting into different activities for moms (which I will be sharing here) and other stuff for my own self-education (like learning how to manage your own finances, put on make up and the like).

So yes, I am happy to be back. woo!!!