kirsten’s 2! :)


happy second birthday, sweetheart!

DSCN6114 DSCN6092
we celebrated with a dinner at a chinese resto with my in-laws.

DSCN6098 DSCN6099
she loved singing happy birthday, and trying to blow the candles!

DSCN6100 DSCN6101 DSCN6102 DSCN6103 DSCN6104 DSCN6105 DSCN6106
we love you, kirs kirs!

DSCN6107 DSCN6113
how old are you??? TWO!!! (and she’d raise her fingers like so heehee)

cousin ally celebrated with us too!

DSCN6121 DSCN6118

DSCN6119 DSCN6120
our not-so-little one is TWO! 🙂 may all your dreams come true, baby kirs!



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