travel kwento: our trip to tagaytay

over the labor day holiday, we went up to tagaytay with friends and their families to bond and take the kids to the different sights there.

we rented out a spacious four bedroom house (owned by my colleague/friend at work).


it had a wide open space in front where the kids ran around.


the kiddos. yes, miss k is the only girl in the group. lahat yan bodyguards nya. 🙂


our little girl can’t help herself from exploring all the space in the house. the rooms, kitchen, the spacious living room, the stairs (especially! she likes going up and down and up and down and up and down…), and even the basement where the caretaker’s family lives. we had to distract her all the time or else!

DSCN1751 DSCN1752

we were 3 families in all.

DSCN1844 DSCN1628

on the first day, we all went to taal vista hotel..

DSCN1648 DSCN1656 DSCN1666v1

.. then to sky ranch where there is an amusement park called sky fun and where the sky eye, the tallest ferris wheel in the country, is located. there were a limited number of toddler-friendly rides, like this train…

DSCN1685 DSCN1689

DSCN1695 DSCN1696

and the giant carousel. of course! our little one is nuts about riding carousels! 🙂


four brave adults (me, daddy k, ninong i and ninang p) tried the super viking, an achors-away kind of ride. this is our view from that ride.


the camera was with me but i wasn’t able to take more photos after we were up in the air. i should have taken a photo of the mountains and the whole sky ranch complex, but had to hold on to the bars since that thing was rocking us higher and higher at almost a 90 degree angle. ninong i couldn’t handle it but was too shy to get off in the middle of the ride teehee 🙂

the next day, we went to the residence zoo where miss k saw a camel, owls, birds, monkeys, an iguana, fishes, snakes, turtles, etc.

she missed some animals, like the tigers and lions as she was still sleeping when we arrived.

DSCN1786 DSCN1831

we tried the bird feeding activity and she loved it! the birds settled on her arm and head heehee and until now, she can still remember the boids eating on the hand (she gestures her open palm and says iiit! iiit!), and she points at her arm and head as well. we fed the birds twice!

DSCN1795 DSCN1809

we had a wonderful time with friends, and vowed to do this again soon! 🙂



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