my take on the cookie butter craze


i have read about it and heard people talk about it. and just like ihop, i wanted all that hype to die down first.

we haven’t been to ihop (soon, maybe!), but i saw jars upon jars of this cookie butter (crunchy and regular flavors) in our coop store one late afternoon.

i bought the crunchy version and wanted to try it ASAP. well, i got to try it the next day. 🙂

a half spoonful. that’s all i had. it tasted like ground graham crackers, with nutmeg. hmmmm. it was good. but nothing extraordinary for me.

daddy k tried it too. and this was like 2 weeks ago. we haven’t opened the bottle since.

which reminds me that i should. sayang naman. ang mahal mahal e, php450. 🙂

P.S. i bought 4 more bottles for my sister (1 crunchy, 1 regular) and 2 bestfriends (1 crunchy version each) in the province. they loved it. 🙂


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