little kirsten goes to summer playtime class

we have brought miss k to kindermusik and gymboree classes, and we even tried musikgarten – yes, we are looking for activities for her every chance we get! you see, we are a small household living in a commercial area and we know the need to expose her to different activities (aside from playing at home, watching television or listening to her favorite music).

this time, we had 5 sit-in sessions at golden values school‘s summer playtime class for toddlers to test if miss k will like it. it was a (very) small class of 3 (so far), with a teacher who starts the day by singing lupang hinirang and reciting a prayer. then they do their morning exercises (they dance around). after that, they sing nursery rhymes, count and identify the alphabet through several visual aids. then they do 1-2 main activities (they have done decorating a sheep drawing with popcorn, stick paper eggs and apples on a basket drawing, make a frame of a family photo using popsicle sticks, trace letters, etc.) before (snack) merienda time, and eventually play time. at the end of every class, they get paper stars on popsicle sticks as reward (which k loves! she has more than 10 at home and she loves holding on to them and says STAAAA!). all that in 1 and a half hours! 🙂

well, we are happy to report that kirsten liked being in the class! in the beginning, she wanted to be held or we had to sit next to her. and she cries when me or daddy k leaves the room. after a few classes, she waves us goodbye already! 😀


i hope she likes taking the classes until it ends mid-may. but so far, so good. she participates well by pointing out correct pictures to her teacher, helps clean up/pack away after play time, sticks the paper/popcorn things to the glue, and joins the dances/claps her hands when asked! 🙂

by the way, her classmates are both 3 years old, and their names start with K as well!

we are so proud of you, little k! we hope that you will love learning from your teacher and classmates! 🙂


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