expo mom year 6 at the rockwell tent, 6 april 2013

with miss k in tow, i checked out expo mom year 6 at the rockwell tent one fine satruday morning. we got there a little past 10:00 am and there were already a lot of people crowding around the registration booth. you could already tell that it’s a great event for moms as whole families came in droves, with babies and toddlers and kids tagging along! πŸ™‚


i loved the ceiling swag at the venue, so colorful!


the theme for this year was MOMTUITION, aka a mother’s superpower. instinct. common sense.


first 100 registrants received a cupcake from cupcakes by sonja. miss k ate the cupcake, i ate the frosting. πŸ™‚


there was also a face painting and glitter station near the exit, and miss k got a butterfly. she loved it and wouldn’t let me wash it off when we got home! πŸ™‚DSCN0516

we got invited by this booth to try out their online learning system, cackleberries. i think kirsten is still too small to do this but may check them out in the next few years. it is really an interactive software featuring games and classes that i’m sure interent-savvy kids will enjoy!

DSCN0523 DSCN0525Β DSCN0524


there were lots of booths offering everything from cloth diapers, educational books and toys, shoes, dresses and headbands, arts and crafts, air fresheners, filtered water bottles, theme parks, lactation treats, photo studios, baby-safe toiletries, even tuyo! πŸ™‚

we had out photo op when the program ended at noon. looking forward to next year’s expo mom year 7 event! πŸ™‚



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