shiseido x animetric’s flawless and radiant makeup workshop, 6 april 2013

i was one of the lucky 10 ladies who got a slot to this workshop a week ago. after checking out expomom 6 at the rockwell tent, i headed to the shiseido boutique at rockwell powerplant mall.


met animetric’s world‘s rowena and sample room‘s sophia who were both very friendly. and ma-chika. 🙂


after a volunteer volunteered (of course!) to be the model for the day, we got down to business.


well, joven the make up artist did. he shared that skin care should be first priority before applying make up. and that’s true! make up essentially highlights or enhances your face, not give you a different face altogether. personally, i’d take it better if someone compliments me that i look better without make up than the other way around. 🙂

4 5

the basics: cleanser, softener (or toner to most of us), serum (or moisturizer, i think!). a girl should never skip these three steps every morning and night, kahit anong produkto ang gamit mo. and sunscreen, of course! the SPF-churva on your moisturizer don’t count!


this is the open forum where we get to ask all kinds of questions. joven was easy to talk to and provided blunt answers. he’s very funny that way. 🙂


the class.


my photo op with joven, i like the way he handled the class. 🙂


and presenting shiseido’s wide array of products for all skin types.

11  10 9

thanks to rowena for organizing this class for her readers. i learned a lot from joven. as a mommy, i sometimes forget to take care of me. but taking good care of one’s self should be priority as well, so one can take better care of others. 🙂


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