365 days of summer at the grove by rockwell

we recently attended the 365 days of summer event at the grove by rockwell. first impression of the place – expensive haha! daming guards!


after registration, we got our food stub (free) and proceeded to the function room for the different activities.


we did the beads activity first. miss k initially wanted to eat the beads lol! but she got the drift and chose the beads to be threaded for a bracelet or necklace.


tiny hands. adorable! 🙂


see? she’s busy already!


next was a music class by musikgarten. miss k cheerfully joined the group (she was the youngest participant!) and used the props properly –





she listens to teacher on what to do next


she loved the drum (she loved this in kindermusik, too!)


and made eye contact with her classmates


and teacher too! the teacher actually observed that miss k actually listens and does the required actions thereafter. so proud!

DSCN9820 DSCN9821 DSCN9822

she loved ringing the bell, too!

DSCN9829 DSCN9832

then there was a schleich diorama storytelling session where she sat in front (while eating some piknik chips) and listened to the story.

DSCN9836v1 DSCN9838

the venue was nice, with high ceiling.


there were booths all around, including this gelato (?) stand


bert lozada swim school


and famous belgian waffles (for polymer clay activity participants only)


piknik had a stand too. activity booths allowed the kids to draw and color,


make bead bracelets and necklaces,




and create these super cute polymer clay designs. we didn’t join this one since k can just pop those into her mouth mistaking them for food!

DSCN9854 DSCN9858

there was also an acquarium display and “mr. acquarium” (the lean guy in black) gave a talk about, what else, fish! 🙂 he gave miss k fish stickers. :)DSCN9860 DSCN9859

the hobbes and landes display.

DSCN9856 DSCN9857

the food booths were located by the pool on the 5th floor. look at these views.

DSCN9861 DSCN9862 DSCN9863

these payong guys were on stand by in case someone didn’t want to expose himself/herself to the sun (but you’re at an outdoor pool, so you’ll get some sun anyway. weird.)


last activity was jiggles the balloon lady who showed us how to make balloon figures (we learned how to make a dog and a swan). this was the coolest activity that afternoon.DSCN9868 DSCN9869

she gave kirsten her elmo balloon. 🙂

DSCN9881 DSCN9883

here was our free food pala –  tender juicy hotdog, crave burger and milo drink, and nacho king nachos with cheese topping. we ordered (bought) more kasi bitin heheDSCN9871

and here is elmo lounging around at home.


looking forward to attending more events at the grove by rockwell! 🙂


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