things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint


i do my share by:

using balde and tabo in the shower
printing on both sides of the paper / using scratch paper for my printer
turning off lights when not in use (even at work, i turn off the lights in the shower areas in our locker room when no one’s using them) / using cfls
reusing paper bags / plastic bags for garbage disposal / using cloth bags for grocery shopping
refusing plastic bags (even paper bags!) for small purchases
not buying water in plastic bottles as much as possible (bring your own container / mug / tumbler)
donate newspapers / old or unused paper bags and plastic bags / plastic bottles to our friendly neighborhood bote-diyaryo manongs
segregating our garbage as much as possible
reusing our laundry water to flush the toilets or clean the cars / floors
using a glass while brushing our teeth
using a small batya and not letting the faucet on while washing cutlery

let us all do our part in preserving mother earth for our children’s children! every small act counts! 🙂


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