easter 2013

happy easter, everyone! 🙂

happy easter1

hope you all had a good holy week break. we had a quiet one, mostly stayed at home on holy thursday, checked into a hotel on good friday,

DSCN0301 DSCN0266 DSCN0294

and went to edsa shangrila’s return to oz easter activity on easter sunday.


here we were decorating or bunny cookie (miss k was busy eating the chocolate kisses, mallows, sprinkles heehee)…


but she did help me with some sprinkles!


our masterpiece. 🙂


i made her dorothy of oz-inspired outfit, and headband! napuyat ako the night before to finish it!

Easter 2013

we were not so impressed with this event (i even emailed the events team my thoughts. di ko matiis e) – the food was so-so (mini-burgers, assorted sandwiches [peanut butter and something else], mac and cheese [which was salty!], a choco fountain with fresh fruits, colorful macarons on popsicle sticks [dito lang ako natuwa], and small pastries/tarts), kiddie activities were limited (decorate your own easter hat and egg [that ran out of hats and eggs by 12nn, the event ran 11am-3pm], decorate your own cookie, egg hunt for kids 0-5 and 6-12, painting activities c/o sponsors, a bunny farm that i didn’t see, glitter tattoo and face painting [sorry naman, i thought i could draw a better flower than the artist there!] corner), and the way they handled the surprise raffle by avent was terribly disappointing!

you see, they raffled off a nice stroller worth php20,000++ daw. and since they were doing a return to oz theme, the host announced that the youngest baby will win the stroller. so there were some babies there, and the youngest belonged to this chinese family. so they were settled na  that their baby was the youngest di ba? then the host (i think that was tony toni of magic 89.9) mentioned something like “o, yung mga buntis daw ba kasali?and the whole hoopla turned to pregnant women in the house. i say what??? changing the rules in the middle of the game is not nice! so a pregnant woman went up the stage saying she’s due in june, and apparently there was another pregnant lady sitting at one of the table whose due date was in july. and they asked her to come up the stage. ay sus, that lady won.

huh?!! my husband saw the chinese family with the youngest baby walk out of the garden ballroom. i don’t know if they were just leaving na talaga or if they were pissed. i mean, nagkagulo na ang staff ng edsa shang on finding the youngest baby and the host even went down from the stage to check on the baby. then he changes the mechanics of the raffle right then and there. sino ba ang di maiinis??? and to think na spectators lang kami!

anyway, we made the best out of the event. miss k enjoyed herself with the fruit on skewers, the drawing activities, the glitter tattoo (she had stars done on her arms. it was a pain removing the glue that night argh!)and face painting (she had a simple flower painted on the top of her hand) corner,a nd the nice lootbags. we hope for a better-handled easter event next year though. to think that edsa shangri-la charged the most expensive ticket out of all the easter events in the metro huh! di tlaga sulit!


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