meet one of miss k’s favorite cartoon characters – doc mcstuffins

doc mcstuffins1
my daughter loves doc mcstuffins. i love her too! 🙂
here’s the show’s theme song:
the doc is in and she’ll fix you up
if you’re a toy then you’re in luck
it’s OK, don’t be afraid, the doc really knows herstuff
doo, doo, doo, you know it’s good for you
the Doc is gonna help you feel better
oh, oh, oh it’s the place to go
when you feel a little under the weather
let doc mcstuffins do her thing
to get you right back in the swing
doc mcstuffins, doc mcstuffins
come let the visit begin the doc is in
doc mcstuffins, doc mcstuffins
come let the visit begin, the doc is in!
wait, doctor who!? well, dottie “doc” mcstuffins is an african-american cartoon character on disney junior. she runs a clinic for toys in her family’s backyard. her mom is the real doctor. 🙂
so this is mom:
dad ( i don’t know what he does for a living, but i noticed that he is always at home heehee)
dottie’s brother donny
her favorite toy and bestfriend, lambie
her nurse, hallie
her brave dragon toy, stuffy
and the cute snowman who always forgets he’s a snowman (he always thinks he’s going to melt, etc.), chilly.
dottie is called doc because she always pretends to take care of and fix broken toys. once she wears/touches her stethoscope, all the toys come to life! 🙂 and when she “diagnoses” a toy, they sing the song, time for your check up!
time for your checkup
time for your checkup!
i’m gonna check your ears, check your eyes
find out how much you’ve grown (time for your checkup)
i’ m gonna listen to your heart beat, fix you up ready to go (time for your checkup)
it’s ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little
time for your checkup, time for your checkup!
Doc McStuffins3
and when she finds out what’s wrong (it can be a “boo boo” like dry-daitosis [the toy firetruck was dehydrated]), hallie hands her the big book of boo boos to draw the ailing toy and record its boo boo.
doc then tries to find a cure/solution, and when done, the healed toy sings:
i feel better, so much better
thank you, doc, for takin’ all the ouches away

i didn’t feel so good ’til you fixed me like i knew that you would
and i feel better, so much better now!
i’ve read online that there are a lot of positive feedback for this show. as a mom, i feel that getting kids familiar with a “doctor” makes them less fearful of real doctors. in my case, i sing the songs during our pedia visits while dr. m checks miss k. and she sits still (well, for a short while only. but still!)! 🙂 even at home, she lets me and ate a check her eyes, ears and mouth without any problem. that’s swell enough in my book! 🙂

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