letter no.1

PicMonkey Collagev2

dear kirsten,

last wednesday night, 27 february 2013, dad decided to take us to his meeting in eastwood. mama had just finished working out at the gym that evening when dad called and asked her to meet him in the tiendesitas area so we can all ride together in one car.

mama was very tired then and was looking forward to going home to you but of course, we go where dad needs to go. we 3 are inseparable.

dad had a meeting so he took a quick dinner with us then went off to meet his friends. we stayed inside the resto but you were getting restless as it was already your bedtime. we had to wait for dad to finish his work so ate ana and i had to do anything and everything to keep you happy and amused – we made you color a piece of paper with crayons, bribed you with food, walked you up the stairs, carried you in and out the resto, etc.

after all that, mama had to sit down already as she was getting really tired carrying you around. you were still restless but very playful and ate ana was able to take these funny photos of us mimicking each other. we did the lion roar, your pa-cute move, identified parts of our faces, etc.! 🙂

you fell asleep the moment we got to the car. we’re so sorry sweetheart that we took you out with us so late in the evening. we just want to spend time with you as much as we can.

we love you lots, sweetie.



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