rockwell’s summer camp, 23 march 2013, the grove by rockwell

from www.e-rockwell.com:


Join 365 days of Summer, Rockwell’s Summer Camp

this March 23, 2013 at 1PM-7PM!
Pre-register now and get a chance to win a vacation at Bellarocca! Register here.

Summer Camp Demonstrations:

*On-site registration is required for kids who wish to participate in the follwing summer camp classes:
2-3 PM:
Yoga for kids and adults
4:30-6 PM:

Side Activities:

2-2:30 PM
Schleich Diorama Story-Telling
3-3:30 PM
Balloon Making with Jiggles
3:30-4:30 PM
Aquarium Talk
Other Available Activities:
Polymer Clay Sculpting, Playmobil Jigsaw Puzzle, Cubic Fun Building, Jewelry-Making, String-a-Ling and Plaster Painting

mothercare’s baby and me event: healthy food for babies and toddlers by chef jackie laudico, 23 march 2013, active fun bhs

from mothercare philippines FB page:

Baby and Me

Mothercare is inviting everyone to our Baby and Me Event: Healthy Food for Babies and Toddlers by Chef Jackie Laudico on Saturday, March 23, 2013 (3-6pm) at Mothercare Active Fun located at 9th Ave. 28th St., Bonifacio High Street.

Please click this link to register: http://www.tfaforms.com/238652

Only the first 100 registrants will be accommodated.

Thanks and see you all there! 🙂


meet one of miss k’s favorite cartoon characters – doc mcstuffins

doc mcstuffins1
my daughter loves doc mcstuffins. i love her too! 🙂
here’s the show’s theme song:
the doc is in and she’ll fix you up
if you’re a toy then you’re in luck
it’s OK, don’t be afraid, the doc really knows herstuff
doo, doo, doo, you know it’s good for you
the Doc is gonna help you feel better
oh, oh, oh it’s the place to go
when you feel a little under the weather
let doc mcstuffins do her thing
to get you right back in the swing
doc mcstuffins, doc mcstuffins
come let the visit begin the doc is in
doc mcstuffins, doc mcstuffins
come let the visit begin, the doc is in!
wait, doctor who!? well, dottie “doc” mcstuffins is an african-american cartoon character on disney junior. she runs a clinic for toys in her family’s backyard. her mom is the real doctor. 🙂
so this is mom:
dad ( i don’t know what he does for a living, but i noticed that he is always at home heehee)
dottie’s brother donny
her favorite toy and bestfriend, lambie
her nurse, hallie
her brave dragon toy, stuffy
and the cute snowman who always forgets he’s a snowman (he always thinks he’s going to melt, etc.), chilly.
dottie is called doc because she always pretends to take care of and fix broken toys. once she wears/touches her stethoscope, all the toys come to life! 🙂 and when she “diagnoses” a toy, they sing the song, time for your check up!
time for your checkup
time for your checkup!
i’m gonna check your ears, check your eyes
find out how much you’ve grown (time for your checkup)
i’ m gonna listen to your heart beat, fix you up ready to go (time for your checkup)
it’s ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little
time for your checkup, time for your checkup!
Doc McStuffins3
and when she finds out what’s wrong (it can be a “boo boo” like dry-daitosis [the toy firetruck was dehydrated]), hallie hands her the big book of boo boos to draw the ailing toy and record its boo boo.
doc then tries to find a cure/solution, and when done, the healed toy sings:
i feel better, so much better
thank you, doc, for takin’ all the ouches away

i didn’t feel so good ’til you fixed me like i knew that you would
and i feel better, so much better now!
i’ve read online that there are a lot of positive feedback for this show. as a mom, i feel that getting kids familiar with a “doctor” makes them less fearful of real doctors. in my case, i sing the songs during our pedia visits while dr. m checks miss k. and she sits still (well, for a short while only. but still!)! 🙂 even at home, she lets me and ate a check her eyes, ears and mouth without any problem. that’s swell enough in my book! 🙂

basic fondant making class at ISH

mama used to bake a lot to augment our family income. i know that she did not study to become a baker, she just baked. and boy, she did it really well! she can make brownies, chocolate, vanilla and marble cakes, meringue, etc. WITHOUT a recipe. yep, walang recipe. i never saw her use one. my mama was very talented that way. 🙂

i remember fondly how me and my siblings would help her – kami yung taga-measure ng ingredients, tagabreak ng eggs, taga-hugas ng dirty bowls, pans, etc.  that’s how i learned how to bake. 🙂

when i moved to manila to study college and eventually found work, i rarely got to bake. wala kasing oven sa tinitirhan ko. but when i got married 3 years ago, my dear husband bought me one for my birthday. and thus, my love for baking resurfaced. this baking class is actually my third time at ingrid’s sweet haven and patisserie. 🙂

so last saturday, 9 march, daddy k and miss k drove me to pasig for this class. the schedule is 9am to 5pm.

note: i forgot to bring my camera so my photos are from my old iphone.

after introduction of chef ingrid and faye, we got right down to business. here is faye showing us how to work the fondant (melted marshmmallows + powdered sugar) into its desired consistency. mahirap at nakakapagod pramis!


we spent the whole morning making and coloring the fondant. at a little past 12nn, here’s what i’ve accomplished so far:

1 aquamarine colored fondant to cover the cake (my first fondant weeeee!)

afterwhich, i made another batch and divided into smaller pieces to create:

1 violet colored fondant

1 green colored fondant

1 yellow colored fondant

1 brown colored fondant

i left a small ball of fondant in case i would need white (for the eyes, etc.)


here’s our lone male classmate kneading the fondant. it’s not easy, folks! that’s why fondant cakes are so damn expensive! sabi ko, 500pesos agad ang singil ko sa hirap pa lang 4

my accomplishment at about 12:15 pm: colored fondant and 1 chocolate cake (pre-baked) which is ready for it’s chocolate ganache base (i sliced off the uneven top of the cake and turned it upside down to get an even surface (i ate the top part after lunch, as dessert hahaha! yummy!).

7  3

before covering it with the fondant, we need to put chocolate fudge icing on the cake.


then i covered it in fondant and trimmed the excess.

10  11

here is my inspiration for my first ever fondant cake! 🙂


so next came the brown branch.. 🙂


then the leaves (i used a fondant cutter).


for kirsten’s name, i used this tiny cutter with which removing the letter fondant was pain! i needed to let the fondant harden a bit so it is easier to extract from the cutter (lest you want a stretched and cut up letters huhu).


here is a photo of my classmates hard at work.


chef ingrid and faye showed us the cutters we can use for the fondant. i only got to use the letter cutters, leaf cutter, and circle cutter for the cupcakes. 🙂


next, i added my kikay owl. 🙂

15 16

and since i don’t want to show the trimmed edges of my cake, i made a “belt” using the design roller (textured rolling pin).


at 4:30 pm, after finishing my cake, i still had 2 cupcakes to design. very tired as i was, i tried to make a white teddy bear and a duck (nagmagaling e, talagang 3D ang ginawa e for intermediate class daw nga yun!).

18 19

aminado naman akong parang mutant ang rubber ducky creation ko. pasensya, beginner nga e. 😉 the brown bear was made by faye, our instructor.


all in all, i’m so proud of my work! not bad for a beginner, it was my first time to make and work with fondant!

to those who are interested in baking classes like this, contact chef ingrid:

Ingrid’s Sweet Haven Patisserie & Baking Supplies
no. 363 dr. sixto antonio avenue corner liwayway st.
brgy. caniogan, pasig city 1606
telephone no. (02) 641-2561
mobile no. 09228833369
their FB page

website: http://www.ingridsweethaven.multiply.com


discovery suites’ hop, hop hooray easter event, 31 march 2013

hop, hop hooray at discovery suites



hop, hop, hooray egg hunt party at discovery suites in ortigas, pasig city on 31 march 2013, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm, restaurant 5.

php750 per person includes a merienda buffet, games, raffle prizes and the traditional easter egg hunt.

room packages, lunch buffet, pool side BBQ and other activities available as well from 27 march 2013.

for inquiries and reservations, call 719 8888 or email rsvn@discovery.com.ph.



expo mom 2013, 6-7 april 2013, rockwell tent


from mommy mundo’s FB page:

Here we go, moms! Our much anticipated mom event is coming up next!

EXPO MOM year 6 is happening on APRIL 6 and 7 at the Rockwell Tent!

This year we are celebrating something that we all have, something inside of us: mother’s instincts, also known as intuition, gut feel, or let’s call it #MOMTUITION. We at Mommy Mundo believe we all have this gift, and we should all learn to tune into it more and trust it! JOIN US AT EXPO MOM 2013 and let’s explore the idea of #Momtuition and celebrate it together!:)

Expo Mom is the biggest mom event in Manila today, successfully drawing moms and moms-to-be since 2008. It has become a much- anticipated, buzzed-about event as it is known as one of the prime information sources showcasing the latest products and services for moms, babies, kids, & families, it also brings to fore the latest parenting trends such as breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, active parenting. Expo Mom has also been known as the “mompreneur market” as it consistently provides a venue for business-moms to showcase their offerings to their target market. Last year, more than 3,000 attendees came to Expo Mom. In the November edition of Expo Mom, called Mommy Mundo Bazaar attendance almost doubled at almost 6,000 attendees.

Come to Expo Mom and meet and interact moms and dads who share your passion for parenting!

List of Exhibitors

Antz Pocket & Paper Chic
Aztoria Plaza
Baby Zone/ N&M Little Couture Shop
Born Baby Stuff & Snug a Hug
Bug & Kelly
Buggy & Lishy
Bulilit Bookstore
Celestina & Co.
CMA Mental Arithmetic
Dainty Ashley
Fancy Ava
Fun Ranch
Googoo & Gaga
Hatch & Latch
Healthy Innovation
Indigo Baby
Kiddie Tunes
Kids Hub Ent.
Learning Libraries
Little Luli
Mama Baby Love
Manila Baby Shop
Medelamoms Inc.
Mighty Mind
Mom Baby Fabric
Mommy Treats
Momtrepreneur Shop
My Baby Dragon
Natural Origins
Numa Baby
Nursingmom Manila
Nurture Nook
Paquet de Joei
Pixie Dust
Philips Avent
Polly Dots
Quirks Marketing & Dwell Studio
R. Trevi
Sassy Hairsies
Silly Monkey Clothing
Sitting Pretty Crafts
So True Naturals
The Eco Baby Boutique
The Stork Studio
Tiny Tots
Tip Tap
Tot Couture
Wonderworld Toys


Shop Mommy Matters

Major Sponsors

Johnson & Johnson
Cycles & Cradle

Media Partners

Life Style Network
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