a post-valentine concert: gangnam style in manila, 16 february 2013

if you read my earlier post, i shared that i scored tickets (VIP seats!) to spy’s gangnam style concert in manila last 16 feb. i was actually surprised to receive a text message from mccormick as i only sent 1 entry to this particular contest. lucky lucky lucky! 🙂

we started the evening with dinner at aristocrat in MOA. it was a huge letdown! will not go into details anymore, all i can say is that after years of patronizing that resto, now lang kami nanayang that we spent almost Php800+ for bland, tasteless food. 😦



the concert started at almost 9:30 pm (after a DJ played music on stage) with ai ai de las alas singing some songs and shaking her booty. enough said. di masyadong binili ang mga antics nya onstage. she was trying not to be so bastos since there were a lot of kids in the audience. we appreciated the effort. but her performance was not smoothly sequenced (if there is such a word!), parang walang program. basta lang makakanta/sayaw, then biglang nawala sa stage. pumasok na yung wally and jose.

i don’t have a photo of these two guys. they cracked up the crowd more than ai ai did, pero mas bastos e. then biglang nawala din sa stage.


there was an intermission of about 10-15 minutes (they showed the sponsors on the TV sets and played tehcno/house/whatever-you-call-it music). then there was psy.


he literally brought the house down. MOA arena was, i think, 80% full.


psy’s english wasn’t all that bad, actually! he connected well with the crowd, way better than the first 3 pinoy performers.

ever wondered how he looked like without those glasses? lookie here. 😀

DSCN8037 DSCN8035

he asked the crowd to match his energy, and they (we) really did! everyone stood up and danced when he asked them to.

he sang 4 songs and the cult hit gangnam style (twice).

DSCN8062 DSCN8051

encore – of course, gangnam style ulit!



music is indeed universal – we didn’t understand the lyrics but we sang and danced to every beat.

a shot of the crowd exiting MOA arena. OPPA! 🙂




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