kapitolyo foodie post: RAMEN COOL

i am transferring my foodie posts from my old blog http://www.rocoispeaks.blogspot.com to here. :)

RAMEN COOL post written last 20 january 2012

 did i ever mention that i live in a foodie neighborhood? i tell ya, there are lots of places to eat sa kabilang kanto ng bahay namin! 🙂

let me take you on our foodie trips, one resto at a time.
we’ll start with ramen cool, a japanese place which opened just last dec 2011.

the food photos on their menu were not as professionally taken as i expected from a nice resto. ewan ko, parang di appetizing yung ibang items dahil lang sa picture.

we are cutting back on our evening intake so we just ordered 3 items. food was just OK, prices OK lang din. nothing to rave about.

the interiors bright. i liked it.

the servers were very nice and efficient.

will we eat there again? maybe. we love japanese food, and it’s the nearest japanese resto to our house. 🙂


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