kapitolyo foodie post: MAD MARK’S

i am transferring my foodie posts from my old blog http://www.rocoispeaks.blogspot.com to here. :)

MAD MARK’S post written last 27 june 2012

we never run out of places to eat in our neighborhood. 🙂 one night, we decided to try this sandwich place next to thai dara.

amazingly, with such a small area (you can park one car in front of it), this little resto is never vacant whenever we pass by it. as usual, we ordered way too much. the sandwich was OK, the pasta a little weird-tasting, the fries good but oily. the chicken was ok lang.

the menu.

what i liked? the ice cream haha! they had really yummy homemade ice cream (Php68 for 1 scoop, P98 for 2 scoops). i love the madagascar vanilla, half baked madagascar, and the cavendish one (not in one sitting, of course! i have come here twice before to take out some ice cream).

try it once, and see/taste for yourself. 🙂

mad mark’s
23 east capitol drive
barangay kapitolyo
pasig city

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