kapitolyo foodie post: LONGGANISA SORPRESA

i am transferring my foodie posts from my old blog http://www.rocoispeaks.blogspot.com to here. :)

LONGGANISA SORPRESA post written last 8 february 2012

longganisa sorpresa, as the name implies, serves a variety of longganisa (sausages) meals. it’s a small place and was quite vacant when we went (on a saturday night).you can pick from a dozen or so longganisa meal choices which usually came wtih fried rice and egg (typical longsilogfare).

i already forgot what longganisa meals we ordered. they also have sisig (na longganisa haha! and bangus sisig as well), callos, chicken dishes, etc. we had the sili poppers and bistek tapa.

apologies for the half-eaten food photos, forgot to take one BEFORE we started eating heehee

there are 5 dipping choices depending on your longganisa type: tuba, sinamak, paombong, pinakurat, and ukang iloko.

service was a bit slow that night, even when we were the first customers to come in at that time. the staff were very polite though. a few days after, they hung a sign outside which said “soft opening.”

food was OK, at php99 (including drinks) the meals were filling. a good lunch place for the nearby offices in the kapitolyo area. and to get rid of the garlicky/peppery/oily aftertaste, cross the road to figaro or share tea at d’ace plaza. 🙂

longganisa sorpresa
united street, brgy. kapitolyo
pasig city


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