kapitolyo foodie post: CHA TIME

i am transferring my foodie posts from my old blog http://www.rocoispeaks.blogspot.com to here. :)

CHA TIME post written last 26 february 2012

this milk tea place is just beside the supermarket k and i go to. the first time we went, we were quite curious lang about the lines in the front of the counter (yep, to the point na masikip na sa loob!) so we joined in. k loves the pearl milk tea,sa akin OK lang. dami na kasi nilang nagsusulputan e nako-confuse na ang taste buds ko kung alin ang masarap. 😛we order the drinks we are familiar with – pearl milk tea, fresh milk with grass jelly (for me), and recently, taro milk tea (for me. wasn’t a fan of the taro bits). i’ll stick to the pearl milk tea, for now!

dati, drinks lang. now they have munchies!

one can make “healthier” choices 😉


something new

the upstairs seating area, cozy di ba?

they also have their training center upstairs

will try other drink variants as time goes on. 🙂

chatime pioneer center
pioneer corner united streets
pasig city


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