kaptolyo foodie post: POCO DELI

i am transferring my foodie posts from my old blog http://www.rocoispeaks.blogspot.com to here. 🙂

POCO DELI post written last 25 january 2012

think galileo enoteca. think santi’s. poco deli serves good sausages, pasta, deli sandwiches, wine, and dave’s naturals premium yogurt.
that night k ordered the kielbasa sausage with bacon rice; i had the prosciutto with melted mozzarella. both good and comforting meals. we also ordered a sausage and cheese plate – sausage was good, the cheese was OK but serving was too little.

we ordered their carrot cake for dessert:

this was actually our second time to eat here. we had pizza, pasta and their bacon steak with eggs (i’m not sure about the name but the staff say this is their bestseller) which was a huge slab of bacon, 90% fat haha! i’ll never let k order it again. 😀

good eats! we will definitely be back! 🙂

poco deli
website: http://www.pocodeli.com/#!
21 east capitol drive
brgy. kapitolyo, pasig city
tel no. 4774332


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