meet mommy frances of topaz mommy!

finally, i met frances sales of topaz mommy and topaz horizon to get my gift voucher for the tagaytay stay i won from her blog. she was so nice! 🙂 i also got to meet bella (and her 3 kiddos), another winner (this time, for a palawan stay).


it was actually amusing that bella and i had a few things in common – we now live two blocks away from each other, and we used to stay in the same condo where i lived before i moved to pasig! she brought this chocolate cake while i brought crinkles and ensaymada from the office bakeshop.


i was so glad to meet frances as her blogs are a daily staple for me. she’s as warm and candid as i expected, and funny! she really didn’t have to but she ordered pizza for us. we also got to meet her writer husband vince and their two adorable sons vito (who stayed glued to the CARS movie with bella’s kids) and iñigo (he’s such a cutie! he kept pouncing at mommy’s food haha!). their home was lovely too!

it was almost 2 hours of nonstop chit chat, as we talked about anything and everything under the sun – especially parenthood! we liked bella’s way of setting 10 rules for her kiddos with matching hand gestures (not necessarily in order: rule 1: listen; rule 2:  soft voice; etc.) that they can remember. she gently reminded her kids when they were getting a bit mischievous- remember rule no. 5?? and the kids remembered! genius!

i really enjoyed this afternoon meet up and would love to keep in touch with these two remarkable ladies. i also learned a lot from them, as frances is now a work-at-home mom and bella a stay-at-home mom. hope we can get together again next time! 🙂


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