surprise your loved ones with the 14 days of valentines

it’s already 1 february! where did my january go???

and yes, the LOVE month is upon us once again! well, we shouldn’t wait for february to show our love, but we do want to make our loved ones feel extra special every valentine’s day! and what better way to do this than create a countdown towards the 14th with this 14 days of valentines from mommy by day crafter by night!

14 days of valentines

starting 1 february, she gave her husband an item which corresponds to these cute cards! isn’t that romantic! i bet he was looking forward to the next days haha! and it doesn’t need to be expensive! well, it’s always up to you if you want to spoil your lovey dovey. i have a version of this as below:

1 feb: you are the apple of my eye!

2 feb: we’re mint to be!

3 feb: i go bananas over you!
4 feb: you mean the world to me!
images (1)
5 feb: we make the perfect pair/match/pear!
images (2) i-download (2) i-download (1)
6 feb: orange you glad you’re mine?

7 feb: you light up my life!
i-download (3)
8 feb: thanks for making me snicker!
i-download (4)
9 feb: i’m so lucky to have you in my life!
i-download (5)
10 feb: you’re the highlight of my day!
images (3)
11 feb: ahoy matey, please be my valentine!
i-download (6)
12 feb: you’re absolutely write for me!
i-download (7)
13 feb: happy valentine, toots!
i-download (8)
14 feb: i’m nuts about you!
images (4)

feel free to create your own using this as an inspiration. i am attaching mommy by day crafter by night’s 14 days of valentines files below, but you can also go to her site for more pretty printables!

image3 image2viewer

love love love! 🙂


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