the night megamall got locked down

 ran from sm megamall to adb carrying kirsten after seeing and hearing people running and screaming that there was an ongoing security situation. apparently there was a jewelry heist. no arrest has been made. keep safe, everyone.

this was my status on facebook last saturday night, when panic ensued inside sm megamall after a group of men allegedly pulled a jewelry heist inside a jewelry shop located in the department store just before 8:00 pm.

we were in the mall around 5:45 pm, just in time for miss k’s 6:00 pm pedia-dentist appointment (our very first!) at dentista inc. inside clinica manila (kwento on this dental visit in another post). after which we (i was with ate a and ate b) went to have dinner at yoshinoya on the upper ground floor of building a. daddy k called and asked if we could wait for him as he would like to join us, but he was still in the manila area so i said we’ll leaving the mall pretty soon. but we had a dinner scheduled with the in-laws the next day and was to bring an ulam, so i decided to head to the super to get the ingredients for baked creamy chicken and potatoes.

we were quickly filling up the cart, with kirsten in my arms munching on a banana when suddenly we saw people  running towards the store’s exit and shouting something like may nagwawala somewhere near the vicinity! we saw the hainanese resto and watsons pull their metal shutters down. we decided to ditch the cart and head towards the exit of building a where both entrance and exit doors were wide open and the guards heeding everyone to get out! OMG! i didn’t even get to glance backward as i just ran past the door and straight to adb.

when we got to the adb entrance, the guards were asking what the commotion was all about. they also asked if any staff was involved. i told them i don’t know but it looked pretty serious. some staff were also coming in from the mall and like us, don’t have a clue what’s going on.

i asked the ates to take miss k and wait for me by the entrance. as i got into the car and started it, i saw our security van driving around with its lights on (like that of an ambulance). and was suddenly surprised to see staff running inside, including the ates with miss k who apparently couldn’t  wait and got into the car.  it turned out that some staff coming from the mall told something to the guards that made them close both the gates at the reception lobby and the car entrance.  SCARY! all this time, i had a mental picture of last week’s paper with the subject KILLING SEASON on the cover.  and i was imagining the scene of that shooting rampage in cavite.

i called daddy k and reported the whole thing to him. he advised that we stay put first in case this was a serious security situation. well, we stayed for maybe 10 minutes and drove off towards the guadix ave. exit (where the guards did not have a clue what was going on on the other side), then adb avenue where we saw a lot off people on foot.


scene outside megamall, got this from google

at home, we saw in the news that 3 men robbed the jewelry shop inside the department store and used a wrench they bought from the hardware to break the display cases. thereafter, they fired shots and escaped by mixing with the  frenzied crowd. no arrests have been made.

one realization – ang gaan pala ni miss k pag may ganitong eksena! 🙂 kidding aside, i’m glad no one got hurt from this incident. here’s hoping that all malls beef up their security system (gurads should be doing more than just making tusok-tusok our bags!). paging mr. henry sy, it wouldn’t hurt to get those body scanners/x-ray machines to deter these bad elements! they’re very bad for business! 😦


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