my first blog giveaway win! :)


i won i won! 🙂 first of all, i LOVE joining online contests. no effort e, all you usually have to do is like the FB page, follow them on twitter, and post/tweet about it. and since i’m in front of my computer all day, i get to send a lot of entries heehee

and it pays off big time! i’ve won a few times, and it gets sweeter each and every time! who wouldn’t love free stuff?? 🙂

today, i found out that i won topaz mommy’s crosswinds resort suites tagaytay overnight stay giveaway! wow! k and i were just talking about it a day or two ago, nagcomment kasi sya dun sa FB status ko which was an entry to this giveaway. sabi ko daddy, i’m trying to win that overnight stay for us. and i actually did! lucky duck! 🙂

but i usually join the giveaways of the blogs i like reading. that means i open their sites almost everyday. and in this case, i LOVE frances, the mommy behind topaz mommy! she’s very candid, honest and writes very well (she wasn’t an editor-in-chief of a magazine for nothing!). and i love reading about her family – her husband, vince, who is the genius behind the nerdy blog third world nerd,  and her adorable sons vito and iñigo!

i sure hope i get to meet her in person (methinks we live a few blocks away from each other, as we used to go to the same palengke [how do i know? she wrote about it in her blog heehee #stalker]). stay tuned for that! 🙂


One thought on “my first blog giveaway win! :)

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