new year’s resolutions 2013


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oh yes, been there, done that. i have religiously made my list every since i was in college. everyone else does, right? 🙂

but this should be number 1 on anybody’s lists: FOLLOW MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. 😀

why? studies show that 88% of us fail in keeping to this list. why? because too often than not, we set up ourselves to failure. we set the bar too high up that our goals become overwhelming. we need to keep it small and specific (writing down i want to be rich isn’t exactly the way to go), and as we gain momentum goal after goal, we learn to aim higher. remember that facebook dude? he only aimed to build a social network for his school; now it’s a multi-billion dollar empire.

let me share what i wrote for 2008 (the rest i couldn’t find anymore), way back when i was still studying for my MBA:

1. get fit! (go boxing, aero, gym)

2. eat healthy! (limit carbs, maintain low fat meals, juice in the mornings)

3. go to mass regularly (the earlier the better!)

4. study harder!

5. work harder!

6. go home on time (wag ka magpaka-martyr masyado!)

7. limit internet-surfing during work hours

8. save!  (don’t spend unnecessarily!)

9. travel more

10. bake!

well, i’m glad to report that i was able to practice 70% of these items (i need to go to mass more regularly!) until today.  and if i were to write down my list for 2013, this would be it:

1. read more! i usually read ebooks but they put a strain on my eyes. should borrow books from the library more!

2. save a whole lot more for miss k (i checked for toddler schools in our area and they charge 60k a year!)

3. live healthier (go to the gym regularly instead of sporadically – 5x this week then none the next haha!, learn to play squash, eat my veggies)

4. limit internet-surfing during work hours (yes, but blog more heehee)

5. live a no impact lifestyle (i learned a lot from this at work! reduce, reuse and recycle, people!)

what are your new year resolutions? 🙂


*image from google


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